Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Please mom...with sugar on top???

How many of you have that ornate fixture in your bedroom that will always prompt visitors comments? Perhaps, it's an awesome wedding picture of you and your husband. Maybe a great painting you found at a thrift store. Mine...my wedding dress...hanging on my closet. The same place it has been located for the last year. My pastor spoke on the sluggard the other day. I thought to myself "I'm not a sluggard, I go go go." Then he went on to explain that you may not be a sluggard but definatley sluggish if: YOU PROCRASTINATE. So my search began for all the things I've meant to get completed, started, or in this case put away. There it hung, a shining beacon for all sluggards, dirty and wrinkled, just the way I left it. Have you ever noticed that when you are procastinating on one particular thing you complete a number of other things while trying to avoid it. Like tests? I could never just study...dishes, laundry, washing the dog, whatever it may be, always took precedence. I've decided I need my "shining beacon." I may get nothing else done without it. So, there it hangs. Until mom reads this and takes it off my hands. I hope!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Foot by Foot

The footings are in! Building a house one "foot" at a time! HA

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I caught one...and one that didn't count!

There was a full weekend of fishing for the boys. I was lucky enough to get in on the Thursday, bait catching day. The idea was to catch 50 or so Perch to use as bait for the rest of the weekend. This turtle got away with one and almost had Marc's finger.

Catfish? Large mouth Bass?
My fish! My only fish.

The hard part is over...I think.

We met with the "design team" on Sunday to pick and choose all the details. It was a fairly painless process. Thanks to Michelle. THANK YOU MICHELLE! A little brick here, a little stone there. Throw in some colors and two and half hours later it's all over. Or mostly over. We still have to pick out paint and lighting. Oh, I almost forgot floor color. Shouldn't be too tough. I'm just going to take a handful of Boss hair. Not kidding. Our quasi dream home is in the works. Can't wait!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here we are, starting to build a new home in hopes that it's finished by November for us to receive the stimulus package. We have until Sunday to make every decision: brick, rock, floors, colors, cabinets, counter tops, etc. Unfortunatley, I notice absolutely nothing that has to do with detail. Although I have stepped foot in a thousand homes since I've been alive, I have taken note of nothing. It's kind of similiar to how you don't notice any of the details in a wedding until it's time to plan one. If you have any good advice, I'm all ears. Any wishes or wish nots from those of you who "notice"? I'll be keeping you posted of the progress. We hope to break ground this Friday or early next week. So far it's just the lot...but I good one!


Matt and I spent 8 days cruising Alaska on the Seven Seas Mariner and spent an extra day in Vancuver. While cruising we stopped in a number of places and had many exciting adventures. First day was riding oversized goat carts up the coast and back. Beautiful scenery and one missed siting of a black bear. The second stop we went ziplining in the Alaskan rainforest. That's right, Alaska has a rainforest. News to us, also. Day three we golfed in a bowl of mountains. The course didn't have much grass but does it really matter when your surrounded by white capped mountains and salmon streams? The food was unbelievable! Alaskan King Crab Legs (2lbs) and filet mignon was my fav! Not to mention clam chowder to die for.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Blogs! I've been telling my friends that I wanted to start blogging for approximately one year now. HERE I AM! My hopes are to keep it updated at least once a week...maybe once every two weeks if the week is slow...maybe twice a week! I'm new at this, so be patient.