Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh, no he didn't.

A school story to share. One you don't hear everyday...

We've just returned from our field trip to the middle school. The fifth graders are wide eyed and dreaming big. One of them has just confessed to me his embarrassment after multiple middle school girls told him how "cute" he was. The class has now settled into some good books and I'm getting caught up on a few emails. Then, it happened. The worst decision Martin has made all year. From across the room, comes a stream of water at my head. By "stream of water," I don't mean the dripping faucet kind. If this stream were a river it would have been the Mississippi...after some winter snow melt. After it drenches the side of my head, deflects all over my computer screen, and soaks my report cards, I rise. "Who was it?" I say once in a hushed voice. Silence. "Who was it?" (a little louder this time). "What are you talking about?" replies anonymous student. "WHO WAS IT THAT SPRAYED ME WITH WATER?" (the all caps doesn't accurately portray my anger) "What water?" I hear as it's dripping down my face. I can't believe the glazed eyes. The hush amongst the room. No one is owning up. No one is revealing the criminal mastermind. It hits me. One thing about the almighty Mississippi, it leaves a trail! "The trail. Follow the trail," the voice of my father rings in my head. Finally, the perks of being raised by a hunter. I follow. Drip by drip. If I would have looked up, I'd have seen the guilt all over his face. (my dad didn't teach me that) There, hidden deep in Martin's backpack, was the weapon of choice. The TURBO 5 cylinder Supersoaker 2000.(wait a minute, isn't the hunter supposed to have the weapon?) "Martin" I say through squinted eyes (from both anger and runny mascara) "Make your way to the principals office." Oh, no he didn't.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gift Idea

Start with a box of glasses and some chalkboard paint.

Tape off a nice small square. Cover with a couple layers of chalkboard paint.

Use a knife to carve around the edges to the tape doesn't pull up the paint.

And Walla... glasses that don't confuse or labeled containers!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cheerful Pinwheels

One of our fifth grade students has been battling cancer the majority of her life. This year she had a relapse, this time in her bone marrow. This week she was transported to Children's in Little Rock, where she will receive many rounds of chemo and then a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunatley, she will be confined to her room, where only her mom and doctor can visit, for one month. Please keep Leslie and her family in your prayers. We love you, Leslie!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I've been looking for a small, slightly colorful, table to fill an empty nook in my living room. I found the perfect table at Hobby Lobby. The boys say it looks like a xylophone, but with a basket and a vase I think it will be just perfect! Even if it does chime! After the table purchase, I began feeling like my living area wasn't very homey. The rearranging began! Amber and Elizabeth made me realize the more you put in a room the cozier it feels. We began going through cabinets, drawers, and boxes to pull out small items to stack or hang. They were right, it's so much cozier! With some rearranging, an added book shelf from the study, and some cute tins from Arty Crafty, it began to feel like a whole new room!

Now...a striped chair!?!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Searching Style

We've been in our house about 5 months now. I'm still in search of fitting decor. Can't seem to figure out my "style." Every magazine picture I see, I love. Contemporary, Love. Shabby sheek, Love. Coastal, Love. Tons of patterns, love. All white, no patterns, Love. So, I do my best just to buy pieces, I Love. Hopefully, it will all come together. Thank you Michelle for finding this:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Easy Gardening!!

There's no better way to spruce a porch than pots of flowers. The hard part is finding big, fun, cheap pots. Most pots the size I want range from $30-$60. Another alternative to buying bigger pots is stacking pots. With a cute stencil and some spray paint you're on your way.

Pot #1: The red pot was painted by my sister in law, Kristin. She painted tons of these pots and planted big mums in them for centerpieces at my rehearsal dinner. I loved the idea!

Pot #2: The black and white pot was given to me by my friend, Erin, as a wedding present. She had filled it with various gardening tools, soil, seeds, etc. I loved it!

The two of them made the perfect stacking combo!