Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Your underwear are hanging out of your pants."

Gotta love the day when a new embarrassing story is created. Today was the day.

As I jump out of bed and throw on my clothes and hurry out the door, my undies happened to be my frilly pair, the kind you save for special occasions. But hey, some days it's down the bottom of the barrel. You wish more than anything you had something more comfortable. "Maybe tonight I'll do laundry," I whisper to myself as I stare at my mismatched socks. Either way I'm off to school in my ribbons and bows. (undies that is)

Mid-morning I take my kiddos to the computer lab and make a pit stop on the way. Unfortunately, my "ribbons and bows" didn't make it back into my britches. Of course, I am completely unaware until 2 hours later when Evaughn, one of my fifth grade girls, put it so nicely. "Mrs. Hartness...hehehe...I think...snicker, snicker...that your panties, or something...chuckle, chuckle...are hanging out. Everybody has been watching for a very long time." End quote. I have added the picture below to put the "ribbon" into perspective.

FYI- the picture doesn't show detail. But they have super cute blue polka dots.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I don't know which one is cuter!

Walked in mid nap Saturday afternoon. Boss must have won his way onto the couch.

Who could say no to those eyes?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Budgets: Sad face or Happy face???

Here, I am. Middle of February and just realizing a didn't pick my habit for the month. I can actually say that Jan. must have made me more healthy than before. I have nothing to show for that. But all that Vitamin C and Omega 3's had to be doing something, right? If nothing else, I've developed habit #1.

February's goal has grown out of Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University". Matt and I decided to start the 10 week (or is it 13 weeks?)trek through the how to's of budgets, saving, debt, etc..

Assignment #1: Draw up a budget. Right, we do that at the beginning of every month. The problem is following it. So many restrictions. Do I buy the cute pot for my table center piece? Do I get my hair done this week or next? Share a meal or buy an appetizer? Living for future financial freedom without giving up the freedom of today? It'a fine line. Matt and I have decided to put money aside for "spontaneity". That's right. An envelope labeled "spontaneity". Planned...spontaneity. What a concept! That's like saying I'm spontaneously taking a trip next Friday at noon.

February Habit: No fudging on the budget...unless it's spontaneous.