Saturday, November 13, 2010


Halloween weekend we spent the weekend with our community group in Branson. We rented a nice cabing that fit all of us. We had so much fun eating, shopping, watching football and playing games. We went down Friday night and had dinner at Pancho Villa, a little mexican food joint. The next day we spent the day at the outlet malls, where we found lots of good buys. Came home for lunch and the boys had grilled burgers and made milkshakes! It was back to the malls after that. Soon we found ourselves at a little hole in the wall bar that would play the game for us. After many games and breakfast the next morning, we were headed home. We love our gang so much!

Night at dinner!

Lot's of good deals!

We brought smores to make at the bar. They were having a Halloween party there that night and some old lady asks "So, what are you guys dressed as, College Coeds?" Too fun! The old people were all getting a little too crazy for our taste so we left soon thereafter.

The crew! (Minus two very missed couples who couldn't join us over the weekend) Blake, Amanda, Seth, Chelsea, Matt and I, Owen, Amy, Jordan, Amber, Billy, Jordan.

Home too soon!

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